Window Alert

Learn About Window Alerts

An excessive opening of windows can pose a threat to your child as well as allow unwanted intruders to break in. One of the best ways to secure children and homes would be to install window safety locks. The Window alert limits the opening of the window, restricting your child from falling through it. It restricts the window from opening beyond 10 cm (4 inches), which keeps children safe and your home secure from unwanted intruders. The Window alert can be opened with a twohanded operation and key. These Window alerts are ideal to use on higher floors of homes and schools.

Features & Benefits :

  • Keeps children inside and burglars outside
  • Limits window opening
  • Easy to install and fits on all windows
  • Window can be opened 10 cm
  • Available in white colour

Places to use:

Our child window locks are highly recommendable for the higher floors in buildings, preschools, and daycare centers. Kindergartens and hotels also have several floors that can create a potential danger to kids. Therefore window safety catches become an important element. These child safety locks are beneficial in two ways, wherein they’ll protect your baby as well as you from burglaries.

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