Why Kiddie-O-Safe

Kiddie-O-Safe: The Best Choice for Child Safety

In India, there is hardly any awareness and support when it comes to child safety products specially designed for kindergartens, schools, daycare centers, and homes. Even when you feel pretty confident that you’ve done an excellent job for baby proofing your homes and these places, chances are you may have missed on something.

Thus, with our innovative range of childproofing products, you can reduce the injuries and accidents caused to kids due to sharp corners, edges, and objects. We intend to develop an accident-free environment where your kids can grow, learn, and play effortlessly.

At Kiddie-O-Safe, we strive hard to enhance your child’s safer living experience and give them an injury-free environment. We source specialized safety products for various preschools, kindergartens, daycare centers, hospitals, malls, etc. across India. They have shown a keen interest and invested in our child safety products. We’re continually expanding our baby proofing products to help parents make homes and environments safe for their kids.

While the top of mind safety measures like fire safety equipment, video cameras and support staff are always in place, we believe in taking care of the not so obvious yet most important things in day-to-day lives – such as ensuring no injuries are caused when a child falls on hard surfaces, no fingers get jammed in doors or no injuries caused due to sharp corners and edges.

Let’s study a few possible places of dangers and solutions for it:

In India, child safety is not taken into consideration while designing or renovating homes, daycare centers, and kindergartens. Thus, safety products have become the ‘Need of the hour.’ Our safety products will help you build a safety nest for your infants.

According to researchers, the best time to install safety products is when your baby crawls or start exploring their world. Once they start going to daycare centers, kindergartens, primary schools, they get prone to new kinds of injuries & accidents.

Let’s have a look at some of the possible ways to injuries and solution for it:

Living Room & Bedroom

Living rooms and bedrooms are full of furniture materials like a sofa, dining tables, electric lamps, shelves, and more. Often, there are higher chances of kids getting injured due to sharp corners and edges of such materials. You can reduce the possible dangers by choosing from our wide range of safety products such as corner guards, safety corner protectors, and furniture corner protectors.

Doors & Windows

Whether you wish to soak up the sunlight, or kids are excited to snap out and enjoy, door slams or window shuts possess a significant threat for your kids. If their tender fingers are pinched in-between, it will cause a major injury to them. An ideal solution for this would be door blockers and stoppers. Our door slam stoppers, window safety catches are consumer-friendly and durable. Our cute door stoppers act as a perfect safeguard against unwanted slam shuts.


Little children tend to bump against a wall or pillar while at play. Edges and corners can also cause a severe injury. Corner protectors will be ideal for making walls child safe. We use the best-in-class cushioning material to design wall padding, corners that will prevent any severe head injuries or accidents for your kids. The soft material can absorb the heaviest crash preventing any grave form of injury.

Hooks & Mirrors

Although it may seem a small hook; however, sharp corners can tend to injure your kid’s soft fingers. Similarly, a sharp mirror edge will cause a blunt wound and bleed heavily. Our child-friendly mirrors come with rounded edges and impact resistance. We also provide children coat hooks with alluring designs and bright coloured puzzle pieces. The rounded hook prevents head injuries when kids bump accidently into the hooks.