Finger Alert Door Stopper

Learn About Finger Alert Door Stoppers

What is a finger alert door stopper?

Finger Alert door stopper is a simple yet effective solution to protect your baby’s soft fingers from getting squished due to door slamming. Many times, in our dayto-day life, the door slams due to the breeze or due to negligence. It can lead to serious injury to your child’s fingers if they come in between the door and door frame. Door blockers and child door slam stoppers will prevent doors from slamming shut causing any form of injury or accident.

Types of Products

Kiddie-O-Safe has attractive Finger alerts. They come with eye catching designs and easy installation process. We offer three different door stoppers – Finger alert door blockers, Door slam stoppers and Finger alert door stoppers. You can browse through our range of consumer-friendly, cute door stoppers and pick your favourite ones.

Why is it important to install these Finger Alerts?

Whenever you slam shut the door at high speeds unknowingly, it can pinch your child’s fingers in between the door and the door frame. It can lead to serious injury to their fingers. Therefore, Door slam stoppers would be the ideal safeguard solution against slam shuts. You can secure your internal and external doors with the help of Door slam stoppers.

Which places are best suited to install these safety products?

Finger Door slam stoppers can be placed on the top of the door frame to prevent doors from slamming shut.

Door blocker – Hand – can be installed 160 cm above the ground over the door handle. In the horizontal position it will prevent the door from closing and protect the child’s fingers from jamming.

The Door blocker – Foot – can be put on the floor at the bottom of the door preventing the door from closing during that time.

These Door blockers can be used in common places such as Homes, Daycare centers, Preschools, Play areas & Hospitals.

Quality Certifications of Kiddie-O-Safe Door Finger Alerts:

The Door slam stoppers are SKG tested for 250,000 repetitions ensuring the quality and strength of the product.

The Door Blocker – Hand – complies with EN 71-3

Door Slam Stopper

A door can slam shut without a moment’s notice. Slamming doors are a danger for children due to pinching of their fingers between the door and door frame. When the door closes at a high speed the Door Slam Stopper prevents the door from shutting. However, when closing the door slowly, the Door slam stopper does not block the door from closing.

Features & Benefits :

  • Prevents doors from slamming shut
  • Door post should have a minimum thickness of 4 cm
  • Easy to install
  • Heavy duty and durable
  • Tested for 250,000 repetitions.
  • Ensure that the product does not interfere with shutting of the door.
  • Spray WD40 on the pin and into the stopper every 3 months.
Anti Slam Door Stopper

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Finger Alert Door Blocker

The Finger Alert Door Blocker is a simple but effective solution to prevent children from pinching their fingers on the lock side of the door between the door and the door frame.

Simply attach the door blocker over the door handle at a height of 160 cm. When you turn the door blocker to a horizontal position it prevents the door from closing. To close the door, swivel the Door blocker – Hand to a vertical position.

Features & Benefits :

  • Prevents slamming of doors
  • Easy installation with prefixed 3M tape
  • Attractive design
  • Mounting height between 160 cm -180 cm
  • Dimension: 12 cm x 10 cm
  • Weight of Door blocker – Hand: 25 gm
  • Complies with EN 71-3
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Finger Alert Door Stopper

Secure doors temporarily with this cute red foot. The Finger Alert Door Stopper keeps the door from closing and prevents serious, painful injuries to children’s fingers. The door wedge is an easy and quick solution to protect children’s fingers.

Features & Benefits :

  • Cute Foot design
  • Quick and easy to install with 3M Tape
  • Suitable for Kindergartens and Preschools
  • Dimensions: 11.6 cm x 9 cm
  • Weight of Finger alert door stopper: 56 gm
  • Maximum distance between door and floor: 25 mm

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