FAQs : Child Safety Products

Why do you need baby proofing products?

Yes! As a parent, you can’t always be there to protect your child from any unwanted risk or injuries. Therefore, there has been a gradual increase in the demand for child safety products. The most popular & highly-recommended baby proofing products include Door Finger Guards, Child safety locks, Wall corner protectors, child window locks, and door slam stoppers.

What is the costs of these child safety products?

The cost of these child safety accessories will depend on the size of your room or place, the product you need, and whether or not you need installation service. We provide affordable child safety products to make your home and environment a safer place for kids.

When should I buy child safety products?

Ideally, you should baby proof your homes or other places before your child begins to crawl or roll, push and play around. Experts suggest, if you plan to buy or renovate your home, it’s an ideal time to fix baby proofing accessories, else fix before they learn to crawl or walk at specific locations and requirements.

For which places do we provide safety products?

Kiddie-O-Safe operates and sources specialized child safety products to various kindergartens, primary schools, daycare centers, buildings, hotels, MNCs, and hospitals across India. Due to their overwhelming response and keen interest, we’ve come up with an innovative and affordable range of child safety accessories.

Why should I shop for child safety products with Kiddie-O-Safe?

We take pride in saying that we have in-depth knowledge of baby proofing, and access to some of the finest products online. Our extensive range of child safety products are specially designed to make homes, and kids’ learning centers absolutely safe. We strive hard to make this experience 100% safe and injury-free for kids