Eyeline Mirror

Eyeline Mirrors

Your child wants to learn, play, and grow. The Eyeline Mirror draws children in with its funny eye prints and teaches them how to use a mirror and express different emotions. Adhesive tape on the back makes it easy to install in almost any room

Features & Benefits :

  • Safe alternative to traditional glass mirrors
  • Pedagogic tool and interior design feature
  • Set of four different funny eye prints
  • Can be used in almost any room
  • Dimensions: 100 cm x 5 cm / 39.4 in x 2 in
  • Installation with tape

Places to use:

These are safe alternatives to the traditional glass mirror strips, which can cause a severe wound to your child. You can place eyeliner mirrors at almost any room such as bedroom, bathroom, the playroom at homes, preschools, daycare centers and hospitals. Browse through our range of alluring designs and funny eye prints of eyeliner mirrors.

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