Child Safe Mirror

Learn About Child Safe Mirrors

It won’t be wrong to say, “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the safest one of all” when it comes to protecting your baby. Mirrors attract these innocents ‘minds a lot. Children love to experience themselves in the first crucial years of their development. They respond positively when they see their own reflection. It generates curiosity, makes them interactive, and build self-awareness.

Our variety of child-friendly mirrors come with rounded edges. They are highly reflective and shatterproof. The child-safe mirror with a rounded edge is safe to install for children who can grow and play around under any environment. The static adhesive stickers give a happy look to the mirrors and draw the children’s attention without leaving marks on the surface. Our child-safe mirrors are the safest choice that will provide the room at kindergartens, homes, and daycare centers a dazzling look and open feeling.

Features & Benefits :

  • Safe alternative to traditional glass mirrors
  • Pedagogic tool and interior design feature
  • Child safe material with rounded corners
  • Impact resistant and highly reflective
  • Can be used in almost any room
  • Mirror dimensions: 120 cm x 120 cm / 120 cm x 60 cm / 60 cm x 60 cm


Places to use

You can fix our durable and affordable range of childproofing products on walls, cupboards, ceiling, and doors. Our mirror are a much safer and child-friendly solution against the traditional mirrors. This bespoke range will work wonders at kid’s playroom at homes and other children-friendly environments – such as safety mirrors for preschools, daycare centers, playgroups, and nursery walls.