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A baby holds a special place in our hearts. As they grow up, they play a lot and wish to explore new things. But kids injure themselves while at play. Most of the injuries are predictable, and you can prevent them with the right safety tools. Kiddie-O-Safe intends to make kindergartens, preschools, day care centers, and homes, a safe place for children to play and learn. We have in our range, the right safety products for a safe child environment. We can vouch for the quality of our childproofing products.

Different types of child safety products such as Wall corner guards, Door slam stoppers, Table corner protectors, etc protect your child against unwanted risks. The type of Child safety product you require will be based on the layout of the room and the age of the child.

If your building or home is under renovation, try to incorporate specific child safety measures in the design. It proves more economical, as you don’t have to make changes later when you feel the need for safety. Ideal time to install our products is when your baby begins to crawl.

At Kiddie-O-Safe, there is a comprehensive range of Child safety products available. We can recommend various products from our range:-

  • To suit your Specific Requirement.
  • Depending on the age of your Child.
  • Economically priced and affordable.

Looking to develop a Safe environment for your children? Kiddie-O-Safe can make it possible!

Our Mission

At Kiddie-O-Safe, we aim to reduce the number of accidents and injuries for kids through our innovative child safety products for kindergartens, preschools, daycare centers, and homes.

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Our innovative range of child safety products

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Assorted Safety Products

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